NoSQL Data Modeling
...tomated code-model-data consistency validation and consistency conformance metrics Strong control for application / data model change management, with proactive tracking and reconciliation between application code, embedded data models, and the ac
10 Database Performance Monitoring Tools You Can Get For Fre_MySQL
...rong>sar I love sar! It will capture you a whole bunch of metrics based on CPU time, CPU queues, RAM, IO and network activity. It will give you a point in time view of the resource usage in the form of a historical report.The default time between
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... trace,对于debug很有帮助 /jmx 服务端的Metrics,以JSON格式输出。 /jmx?qry=Hadoop:*会返回所有hadoop相关指标。 /jmx?get=MXBeanName::AttributeName 查询指定bean指定属性的值,例如/jmx?get=Hadoop:service=N...
Betting the Farm on MongoDB
...s, it’s more important to watch the 90th and 99th percentile performance metrics. With MongoDB our average clip load time is around 18ms and our 99th percentile times are typically at or under 100ms. Clip load times during the same time period du
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